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Nov 12, 2008

Victoria Secret Body Care

10 different fragrance to choose from :
" pure seduction, romantic wish, love spell, berry kiss, amber romance, vanilla lace, blossoming romance, strawberries & champagne, endless love, pear glace, sweet daydream, sweet temptation"

Products :
Body Lotion
Body Mist
Body Wash
Eau de Toilette Spray
Hand and Body Cream
Body Scrub
Body Butter
Bath Bubbles

Price: only RM 55.00 /item
(market price: RM 60.00/item)

Delivery will be within 2-3 weeks
because all the products will be order directly from US

"full payment is needed upon order"

Shipping and Handling:
RM 8.00 for first 3 items (WM)
RM 10.00 for first 3 items (EM)


Ms Abby said...

salam ziela..nak tanye? set body care nie sekali ngan kotak die ke? berape full harga utk beli set nie sekali ngan byrn pos n shipping?


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