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Dec 4, 2008

new Chiffon Silk Shawl

Material: Chiffon Silk

Size: approx. 1.5m

Colour: White+pink

Price: RM 29.00

(market price: Rm 35.00- RM 40.00)


Nov 20, 2008

New colour plain shawls

Material: Soft Chiffon
Length: approx. 1.7m
Price: RM 13.00 /pc
(normal price RM 16.00)
Soft Purple:
Deep purple:
1. Booked Bunga

Nov 15, 2008

Custom Made: Chiffon Silk

Hye Ladies..we update with polka dot Chiffon Silk..
very nice and gorgeous design..
sangat mudah untuk dibentuk..
(pic might be slightly different )

Hand wash and warm iron yer..

Code: CS 03
Material: Chiffon Silk
Length: approx. 1.5m
Price: RM 28.00 only

(market price RM 35.00~ RM 49.00 /pc)


~close up~

Nov 12, 2008

Victoria Secret Body Care

10 different fragrance to choose from :
" pure seduction, romantic wish, love spell, berry kiss, amber romance, vanilla lace, blossoming romance, strawberries & champagne, endless love, pear glace, sweet daydream, sweet temptation"

Products :
Body Lotion
Body Mist
Body Wash
Eau de Toilette Spray
Hand and Body Cream
Body Scrub
Body Butter
Bath Bubbles

Price: only RM 55.00 /item
(market price: RM 60.00/item)

Delivery will be within 2-3 weeks
because all the products will be order directly from US

"full payment is needed upon order"

Shipping and Handling:
RM 8.00 for first 3 items (WM)
RM 10.00 for first 3 items (EM)

Nov 5, 2008

Tudung 4 segi Plain Chiffon 2 Tone

saiz same seperti tudung 4 segi biase..(mcm tudung bawal)
ade 2 tone kaler utk setiap tudung..sangat2 menarik utk digayekan
many variety colours will be coming soon.. DONT MISS IT..

Material: Chiffon (Jojet like,m tp material sgt2 lembut)

Size: like normal bawal scarf

Price: NOW only RM 20.00/pc (scarf)
(normal price RM 23.00)

UPDATE with very exclusive design scarf..

ST 01

Light turquoise + deep turquoise


ST 02

Baby purple + cream


ST 03
Black +grey


ST 04

Light +deep purple


Nov 1, 2008

semua plain shawls yang di senarai kan di bawah, sama seperti gambarajah di atas.
"bagi mereka yang order plain chiffon kaler cream,
terdapat 2 kaler cream yg terdapat di shawls collection ni
satu creamy yellow and satu lg light cream.
Light cream spt gmbar shawls yang di label 'cream' di bawah
***bagi sesiapa yang nak pre-order shawls ini dgn kepanjangan 1.5m, boleh email kat shawls_collection@yahoo.com..
harga still same ye.. ;) ***

Oct 23, 2008

Custom made Chiffon Silk

" Custom made Chiffon Silk "
CS 02
Material: Chiffon Silk
Length: aprox. 1.7m
Price: RM 25/pc
(Normal price RM 35/pc)
1. SOLD~ Gee
2. SOLD~Safi

sgt lembut dan sgt mudah utk digayakan.. =)
** colour from da pic might be diff from the real one because of the flash effect **

Oct 20, 2008

Custom Made Plain Shawls..

Exclusive chiffon..2 tone colours in 1 shawl..

Don't miss this..
CPS Pinky Cream
Material: Chiffon
Length: aprox. 1.7m
Price only RM 18.00/pc

-close up-

-wearing CPS Pinky Cream-

-pic might be slightly different from the real one because of the lighting effect-

Oct 15, 2008

Salam Lebaran ;)

Stock updated with Shawls material from China Silk

..soft..satin-like..unique and very exclusive design
limited stock..

SALE during Eid Mubarak..

NOW only RM 22.00/pc

(Normal Price: RM 45.00)

China Silk 01

Available :

White - Booked by Niema
Black - Booked by Niema

White China Silk 01

-close up-

-ziela wearing White China Silk o1-

Black China Silk 01

-close up-

Sep 16, 2008

VS 02
Price : RM 16.00
Material : 50% Viscosa + 50 % Silk

Available Colour: Pink Maroon (SOLD) , Blue Cream (SOLD) &
Yellow Blue (SOLD)

Opening SALE...

VS 01
Price: RM 16.00
Material: 50 % Viscosa + 50% Silk
Available colour:
Green ( SOLD),
Turquoise ( 1 pc available ),
Pink ~SOLD


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