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Oct 23, 2008

Custom made Chiffon Silk

" Custom made Chiffon Silk "
CS 02
Material: Chiffon Silk
Length: aprox. 1.7m
Price: RM 25/pc
(Normal price RM 35/pc)
1. SOLD~ Gee
2. SOLD~Safi

sgt lembut dan sgt mudah utk digayakan.. =)
** colour from da pic might be diff from the real one because of the flash effect **

Oct 20, 2008

Custom Made Plain Shawls..

Exclusive chiffon..2 tone colours in 1 shawl..

Don't miss this..
CPS Pinky Cream
Material: Chiffon
Length: aprox. 1.7m
Price only RM 18.00/pc

-close up-

-wearing CPS Pinky Cream-

-pic might be slightly different from the real one because of the lighting effect-

Oct 15, 2008

Salam Lebaran ;)

Stock updated with Shawls material from China Silk

..soft..satin-like..unique and very exclusive design
limited stock..

SALE during Eid Mubarak..

NOW only RM 22.00/pc

(Normal Price: RM 45.00)

China Silk 01

Available :

White - Booked by Niema
Black - Booked by Niema

White China Silk 01

-close up-

-ziela wearing White China Silk o1-

Black China Silk 01

-close up-


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